Slide Grease


  • Made from all-natural ingredients, and is free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums. It keeps tuning slides moving freely and smoothly.
  • Lubricates the tuning slides on all brass instruments and is suitable for all forms of plating.
  • Suitable for all musicians, regardless of age or ability. Professionals and students alike who care about their instrument and our planet will be delighted with this slide grease.
  • Made, designed, and packaged in the UK.
  • Comes in a recyclable kraft paper tube, inside a compostable Nature-Flex bag made from wood pulp, with a label made from 100% recycled content in the EU, and twine made in the UK.
  What instrument is this for? This grease is for all brass instruments with tuning slides. How do I use it?
  1. Apply a small amount of slide grease to the slides that do not have triggers attached to them (these will be the main slide and the second slide).
  2. Work each slide forward and backwards several times to work in the grease.
Breaking down our packaging… Our tubes are made from 100% recyclable card, so please recycle them once you’ve used every last bit of grease!



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