Edgware in the USA: Dillon Music

We are delighted to announce that Edgware BY BBICO products are available to purchase at Dillon Music!

The Dillon Music Logo
The Dillon Music Logo

Dillon Music is a woodwind and brass sales and repair shop based in New Jersey. They have an incredibly knowledgeable team, and we’re delighted that Edgware now features in their extensive stock of both instruments and accessories. The company was incorporated in 1992, but it’s history dates all the way back to the 1700s, and the first musician in the Dillon Family.

Edgware BY BBICO Products at Dillon Music
Edgware BY BBICO Products at Dillon Music

Dillon Family History

William Dillon served in the Continental Army, with the 2nd VA Regiment from 1776 until 1779. He was a fifer in the Revolutionary War. William spent the winter at Valley Forge with General Washington and he was present at the Battle of the Brandywine, Stony Point and The Battle of Monmouth. 

Quince Dillon, Great Grandson of William, was a fifer in both the Mexican War and American Civil War, and also an accomplished fiddler. Quince’s unit, the 166th Virginia Militia, was eventually incorporated into the 59th Virginia Infantry, which along with other Confederate units, was captured at the Battle of Roanoke Island, North Carolina on February 8, 1862. As the story goes, the Yankee commander of the prison where Dillon was imprisoned held a fiddle contest. The prize was that the fiddler who played the best original composition would be set free. Quince Dillon played a song he composed on the spot and won the contest!

Elbert “Ebb” Dillon, Great-Great-Great Grandson of William, along with his brother John and Uncle Quince, helped to influence the Fiddling of Henry Reed.

Edgware BY BBICO Products at Dillon Music
Edgware BY BBICO Products with Fred Harvey at Dillon Music

Steve Dillon and the Start of Dillon Music

Steve Dillon, the Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson of William Dillon, brought the Dillon music tradition into the 21st century. He had been dealing in musical instruments since the 7th grade, whilst developing a deep knowledge of antique and vintage instruments (at one time, Steve Dillon had a personal collection of over 250 vintage/antique trombones!). During his high school and college years, Mr. Dillon supplemented his income by purchasing instruments from Pawn Shops/Flea Markets and selling them to classmates. In 1987, Steve began sending lists of vintage instruments to collectors around the world, establishing himself as a world wide dealer in musical antiques. Some of the instruments Mr. Dillon owned found their way into major collections and museums, such as the Utley Collection.

Steve and his wife, Lynn, initially used their home as a warehouse
(with tubas in every corner and saxophones stacked in the guest bathroom tub!). They moved to into a store in Woodbridge in 1991, and Dillon Music Inc. opened for business in March 1992.

Edgware BY BBICO Vintage Valve Oil at Dillon Music
Edgware BY BBICO Vintage Valve Oil at Dillon Music

Dillon Music Now

Since 1992 Dillon Music has become one of the most highly regarded brass stores in the world, with customers including Dave Taylor, Phil Smith, Wallace Rooney, Warren Vache, Pete Bond, Kevin Cobb, Mel Broiles, Frank Kaderabek, Glen Dodson, Doc Severison, Matt Good, Warren Deck, Jim Ross, Bob Sullivan, and many more! In 2002, Steve purchased the mouthpiece business of Jerome Callet, adding a custom mouthpiece maker to the extensive repair/custom shop. In 2003, Steve purchased a fife and joined the 2nd VA Regiment in honour of William Dillon. After a year of practicing, experimenting and researching fifes Steve decided to manufacture his own.

We’re so pleased that our products can now be found on the Dillon Music web shop, and in their store:

325 Fulton Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

You can get in touch with Dillon Music at:


Edgware BY BBICO Regular Valve Oil at Dillon Music
Edgware BY BBICO Regular Valve Oil at Dillon Music

We’re incredibly excited to have Edgware products with another US dealer. So, if that’s where you’re based…now you know where to go to get your hands on our musical instrument maintenance products!

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