Brass Soak


  • This uniquely formulated soak for brass instruments has been designed to breakdown the biofilm build up in instrument pipework, notorious for harbouring germs and bacteria. De-greases valves and slides and freshens with a clean citrus fragrance. This soak also features an anti-static agent, which creates water repellence!
  • Smaller brass instruments (trumpets, cornets, flugel horns, tenor horns, trombones) only require 50ml of solution per soak, dissolved in water, and larger brass instruments (baritone, euphoniums, bass trombones, tubas and French horns) only require 100ml of solution, dissolved in water. This means that one bottle can soak a trumpet 20 time, or a tuba 10 times!
  • The formula is safe for all forms of plating and lacquer finishes due to its neutral PH.
  • This brass soak has been made, designed, and packaged in the UK.
  • This brass soak comes in a recyclable 1L HDPE bottle, with a label made from 100% recycled content in the EU, and twine made in the UK.



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