Edgware in the USA: Tarpley Music

We are delighted to announce that Edgware BY BBICO products are available to purchase at Tarpley Music!

The Tarpley Music Logo
The Tarpley Music Logo

Tarpley Music is one of the largest and oldest single family owned independent musical instrument company in Texas and New Mexico. This year, they will be celebrating 94 years in business – pretty incredible!

Tarpley Music was founded by Clara Tarpley who was a piano teacher at the time. She saw an opportunity to sell pianos while she taught and opened her first storefront in Pampa, TX in 1927 which is when Tarpley Music was founded. After Clara passed in 1954, Louis Tarpley, her son, took over and ran the company until 1962. In 1962, his 2 sons, Buz and Bill Tarpley began their term as owners of Tarpley Music. The old saying goes that the first generation starts a company, the second generation runs it, and the third generation ruins it. Luckily for Tarpley Music, this was not the case. Buz and Bill orchestrated a generation of growth between 1962-1991 before their sons, John and David Tarpley took over the business.

In 1995, Tarpley Music had 4 separate locations. 3 of which were in Texas (Amarillo, Pampa, and Lubbock) and 1 in New Mexico (Clovis). With the company growing and expanding, John and David decided to have 1 centralized location in Amarillo. This is where the corporate headquarters are located today. John and David Tarpley are still the owners, but their sons, Mason and Brad Tarpley are heavily involved in the day-to-day activities of Tarpley Music as the fifth generation of ownership. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Mason to bring our Edgware musical instrument maintenance products to Texas!

They currently has stores in 5 locations across Texas (Amarillo, Lubbock, San Angelo, Waco, and Burleson), 1 location in New Mexico (Clovis), and the corporate offices are in Amarillo, TX. Along with being a band and orchestra service company, they are a full line music dealer. They carry everything from guitars, live sound equipment, drums, and pianos to band and orchestra products!

We asked Mason about starting to stock our Edgware products;

With 94 years of experience in the music business, we’ve seen a lot of changes and advancements since the 1920’s. With that in mind, we are excited to work with BBICO and Edgware to bring an environmentally conscious line of care products to our stores in Texas and New Mexico!

Mason Tarpley
Tarpley Music Store in Amarillo, Texas
Tarpley Music Store in Amarillo, Texas

How to reach Tarpley Music…

Visit their website here.

Find your nearest Tarpley store here.

Contact them here.

We’re incredibly excited to have Edgware products with another dealer in the USA. So, if that’s where you’re based…now you know where to go to get your hands on our musical instrument maintenance products!

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