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Edgware in the USA: The Music Wagon

We are delighted to announce that Edgware BY BBICO products are available to purchase at The Music Wagon! The Music Wagon has nearly 25 years of professional experience in music education, performance, and the music products industry, so we’re so pleased to be working with

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Why Edgware? What’s in a name?

Alongside our new “Edgware Cares” series, we wanted to start using our blog to answer questions that we frequently get asked about our range of musical instrument accessory products. Some of these questions are to do with the products themselves, some are to do with

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Selin Unboxing Edgware

As part of NAMM’s Believe in Music Week, we had the opportunity to host several sessions. We wanted to introduce people to our products in a slightly different way. So, we asked our wonderful new friend, Selin, for some assistance. Selin Gürol is a world-class

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