Edgware’s 2020 Highlights

When officially launching Edgware in January of this year, we had absolutely no idea how the rest of 2020 was going to unfold. Despite it’s challenges, of which there have been many, we’ve had a lot to celebrate this year. We’re going to blow our own trumpet, and take this opportunity to share our accomplishments with you!


Launching at The NAMM Show

We kicked off the year in style, by launching Edgware in Los Angeles, at our industries biggest trade show. We had a wonderful time introducing industry distributors, dealers, educator, artists and everyone in between to our range of quality musical instrument products.

Now we are very much looking forward to NAMM’s Believe in Music Week, where we will be exhibiting virtually! Make sure you register for the event, and come check out our booth from 11th January.

BBICO's Booth at NAMM 2020
Launching Edgware at NAMM 2020

Made in Britain Membership

Our adoption of the official, protected mark for the Edgware range helps buyers recognise our new range of musical instrument maintenance products as good quality, great value and British-made. The mark also lets customers know that we’re a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices.

We have been using the official Made in Britain mark on our product packaging. We have also been plastering it ALL over our social media channels…have you not seen it yet?! The mark is being proudly displayed to indicate to our UK customers that our products have been manufactured here at home.

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Supplying sanitiser spray to schools and music colleges

With a key focus on producing musical instrument maintenance products tailored to the environmentally conscious musician, we didn’t anticipate getting caught up in the midst of a global pandemic. By chance, the range includes a sanitiser spray.

We’ve spent this year speaking with educational institutions looking for a safe, environmentally conscious way to sanitise their students’ instruments. We have also been working closely with the Music Industries Association (MIA) to support UK-based retailers and repairers re-open in the midst of this global pandemic. COVID-19 has posed significant threats and challenges to the wind instrument industry, so we are proud to have been able to assist others across the industry.

Edgware by BBICO Sanitiser Spray, launched in 2020
Edgware by BBICO Sanitiser Spray, launched in 2020

Collaborating with Warwick Music Group

In 2020, we’re delighted to have collaborated with Warwick Music Group (WMG) under our Edgware brand on a new cleaning and care kit for the award-winning line of musical instruments – pInstruments.

We are delighted to have collaborated with another organisation leading the music industry with their approach to sustainability. We share the common goal of reducing the environmental impact created by the music products industry.

The kit is available from all good pInstrument retailers in the UK, and on the pBone online store (RRP £20). The full line of additional cleaning products for musical instruments are available from Edgware retailers, and on the Edgware website.

The 2020 pInstrument Cleaning & Care Kit [photo property of Warwick Music Group]
The 2020 pInstrument Cleaning & Care Kit [photo property of Warwick Music Group]

Exhibiting at Woodwind Fest

We were incredibly excited to share Edgware with Woodwind Fest attendees earlier this year, at our first ever virtual trade show.

WoodwindFest 2020 was a non-profit event created to bring innovative products to musicians all over the world, in the comfort of their own homes. Participants were able to attend live performances, masterclasses and discussion panels. They were also able to visit virtual trade booths from exhibitors showcasing their woodwind instruments and accessories…like ours!

Woodwind Fest 2020
Woodwind Fest 2020

Direct to consumer website launches

It’s fair to say that at the beginning of this year, we never anticipated selling directly to the end consumer. Sometimes changes in circumstances encourage you to deviate from your initial plans. That’s how the very site you’re on right now was born! Now we are able to supply musicians directly, with our quality musical instrument maintenance products.

Directing site visitors to their nearest local music store is a priority of ours, with our interactive dealer and distributor map, as well as countless blogs introducing latest stockists of the range!

Edgware’s New Direct to Consumer Website for 2020

Winning our very first award

We couldn’t be more delighted to have received our first ever award since launching at the beginning of this year. Presto Music very kindly awarded us “Brand of the Year”, which is pretty great! Winning an award like this is an incredible achievement, let alone in our first year, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic! Needless to say, we’re chuffed to bits!

Our 2020 Presto Music Award, lurking at the back!
Our 2020 Presto Music Award, lurking at the back!

Thank you

We’d like to end our last blog post of 2020 by thanking some very special people, without whom all of the above would not have been possible.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased something from our Edgware BY BBICO range – not only have you supported a small team and business, but you’ve supported our planet to. Choosing products free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums, in compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging sends a message to our industry. We hope it will inspire them to do better.

Thank you to our wonderful dealers and distributors. We know this year has been unbelievably challenging, and that investing in a new brand with no track record is not top of the priorities list. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our story, and invest in Edgware.

Finally, thank you to anyone who shares our mission and goal to revolutionise the musical instrument manufacturing industries environmental impact. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for next year…